Vegan Menu

Vegan food doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive!
At Đông Hưng Viên Bakery, you can enjoy a variety of delicious Vietnamese food that are made with premium quality & fresh ingredients.


Vegetarian Vegan Pork Meatballs Vietnamese Bakery

Vegan Pork Meatballs

bánh mì Xiú Mại Chay

Vegan Vegetarian Pork Meat Loaf Vietnamese Bakery

Vegan Pork Meat Loaf

bánh mì Pâté Chả Luạ Chay

vietnamese banh mi sandwiches westminster ca dong hung vien bakery

Vegan Grilled chicken

bánh mì Gà Nướng Chay

Vegetarian Vegan Grilled Chicken Vietnamese Bakery

Vegan Grilled pork

bánh mì Thịt Nướng Chay

Vegetarian Vegan Sandwich  Vietnamese Bakery

Vegan Special Combination

bánh mì Đặc Biệt Chay

vietnamese banh mi sandwiches westminster ca dong hung vien bakery

Vegan Grilled Beef

Bò Nướng Chay

vietnamese banh mi sandwiches westminster ca dong hung vien bakery

Vegan Shredded pork

bánh mì Bì Chay

vegan menu

Plain Croissant


Contains vegan butter

vietnamese baguette (vegan)

Bánh Mì baguette

vietnamese steamed bun


bánh bao chay

Taro Steamed Bun (Vegan)

Limited release daily

Coconut Croissant (Vegan)

Limited release daily

Vietnamese Meat Pie (Vegan)

Bánh Pâté Chaud Chay

Vegan Xôi (Red Melon, Green Pandan, Magenta Leaves, Durian, Peanuts, Black Beans, Hominy)

Soft Mini Cake (Vegan) –

Coconut, Taro, Mung Bean, Durian

vietnamese empanada


Durian, Taro, Mung Bean

Vietnamese DOnut (VEGAN)

Bánh Tiêu

Pandan Sticky Rice with Mung Bean (vegan)

Xôi Vị

Vietnamese Herbal Desserts (Vegan)


Coconut Cassava


Khoai Mì

steamed rice cake (vegan)

Bánh Bò Hấp

Tom Wang
Tom Wang
his place has a wide selection of vegan options. If it’s your first time, try the vegan special combo sandwich or vegan grilled pork sandwich. The staff and service were absolutely wonderful to me. Will come back the next time I’m in town.
Tanner Whitlow
Tanner Whitlow
Delicious bakery with tons of superb vegan options!
rachel sampang
rachel sampang
This place is absolutely, hands down 🙌 the best vegan bahn mi’s in so cal… I'm not talking about tofu or veg only. They have a vegan chicken and vegan pork that even my meat-eating family LOVES!! I always get their bahn mi’s for my parties at the request of my family. They have great presentation and every sandwich is labelled. They have delicious pastries also and are SUPER. There is no better value 💯 🔥
Mr. Tiny
Mr. Tiny
The only problem with this place is that they won’t let me live here!!! The baked goods are fresh and delicious. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. There are numerous vegan options that are often times even better than their traditional counterparts. After working my way through all of Southern California, I can confidently say that the banh mi are the best I’ve ever had. My entire family is hooked. Also, the packaging is beautiful and they take a lot of care in the labeling of vegan items. Be sure to get there early to snag some of the sesame donuts and coconut croissants!
Julius Klein
Julius Klein
Amazing pastries: sweet and savory. They also have spectacular vegan options.
Ray K.
Ray K.
Great place for Banh Mi sandwiches. A huge selection of vegan sandwiches. Baguette are on the softer side but has a great chew. Fillings are favorful. For some reason the jalapenos had no kick....hmm. Pricing for the sandwiches are under $8. The coconut croissants are also very good. They must be popular. The lady said a fresh batch came out of the oven and a customer ordered all but 3. I got those.


Vegan Vietnamese Food in Orange County, California

Enjoy an array of vegan food from Đông Hưng Viên Bakery.